Adapted Pumpkin Carving

For those little ones that need a little more help making a Jack O Lantern at Halloween, here are my suggestions for a successful pumpkin experience....

1. Endure the mess of the pumpkin - EMBRACE the goo!! (see sensory post) Use the hands, not the scoopers and/or spoons
2. Instead of using a knife to cut the pumpkin, here are some alternative that the child can do with less assistance from mom/dad/family/etc.

MY FAVORITE : This is made by Pumpkin Masters and is currently VERY difficult to find. I recently purchased some online to have in my "stash" for therapy during Halloween time. Using the punch outs elimiates the need for precise fine motor skills, but yeilds a nice, clean result. The metal stencil is punched through the pumpkin with the wooden hammer. I LOVE THESE!


Another Pumpkin Masters, this kit uses the same concept as the punch outs, but uses pegs (like Light Brite) to create a face or picture on a pumpkin. Another GREAT adapatation for pumpkin carving!

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