Tissue Paper Fun

A fun way to use leftover peices of tissue paper is to rip it into small peices, roll into balls with the thumb and first fingers, and put the tissue paper balls on glue.

For example, I recently printed out a Blue's Clues pictures (coloring book blank) of Blue and used blue tissue paper to fill in Blue.

Controlling the glue as it comes outside the bottle is also good fine motor practice.


Fall Leaves Fun

Now that leaves are falling to ground, here's some fun activities to promote fine motor development:
1. Rubbings with crayons over leaves
2. Peel off leaf stickers and put on tree picture
3. Use finger paints and create fall pictures
4. Crunch leaves in fingers

Shopping List

When developing your shopping list, give you child her/his own paper and crayon so that they can create a list, too! Allow them to write whatever they create with the crayon and ask them to interpret for you what they've written. To connect this activity with actual experiences, pick up some of the items that child has "written".

"Written" may include pictures, scribbles, made up letters, etc. Anything counts when the child is exploring writing experiences.

* Activities should be monitored by an adult to ensure safety.

Coupon Cutting

On Sunday, share coupon cutting time with your child and have them help you cut out the coupons. If they cannot yet cut on the line, allow them to pretend cutting out the coupons by cutting the paper in places where you don't need the coupons.

Remember, use child sized, safe scissors and keep the thumb up when cutting.

* Activities should be monitored by an adult to ensure safety.


This is the first post on this blog designed to provide fun activities to promote fine motor skill development.